ChazPelo's site.

Blockland Glass (Offline Glass)

Launching Blockland with Offline Glass will show a "git" error. This is normal, close that window.


This site is used for blocking any connection to Blockland Glass' servers being

This breaks the chat, the mod downloader and anything that needs to connect to


ChazPelo's Blockland Glass edit, Offline Glass redirects any connection of "" to "".

it removes the updater so it avoids upgrading Offline Glass to the lastest version of Glass.

To know if you're running Offline Glass, The Windows 10ish UI is replaced with a darker one, with a new logo saying "Offline Glass".

Use Offline Glass if you...

Want to host with Blockland Glass but don't want to use any of Glass' other features.

Don't really care about Blockland Glass.